About Us

Utah Food Trucks is a company owned and operated by father and son team, Don and Jamey Gansen. They have had more than 35 years of experience building trucks and trailers for the food industry, starting with ice cream trucks. As the food truck industry gained popularity, they adapted, bringing the same attention to detail and customer service to their new customer base. Don and Jamey treat each truck as a piece of art, as a testimony to their dedication to quality. Just as each business is unique, so is each truck they create, from the exterior down to the stainless steel details on the interior. Their customers have ranged from cupcake crafters to barbeque masters, with plenty of other happy customers in between. Whether you are looking for a mobile coffee shop or an Asian fusion eatery on wheels, their number one priority is making sure that you are completely satisfied.

Unsure how to start? Our experience and input can help guide you through the journey. Worried about financing? We have a great relationship with various lenders and can help you navigate the process. Why choose us? We let our clients speak for us. Check out our testimonials and see what others just like you have said about our company.

Utah Food Trucks would like to make your vision a reality. Give us a call! Join our family. Be your own boss.